I have been seeing Trish as my massage therapist for over 6 years.  I can honestly say I would not be mobile if it were not for Trish.  Not only is she the best massage therapist I have ever been to (and I’ve been to quite a few), but she has taught me to care about how my emotions, my spirit and my mind affect my body.  She is the most loving , caring person I know.  I would recommend her to anyone in pain, anyone who is hurting, anyone who needs a healing touch.  ~Susan B

I began massage with Trish Nazelrod upon recommendation of two friends. I was looking for a practitioner to not only do massage but also energy work. Trish has helped me on several occassions to clear my pathways. her studies into healing the body, mind and spirit have enhanced her technique. I have walked into her room feeling exhausted, sick or broken and have left feeling as though I had been healed  ~RR
Therapeutic massage has been a part of my life for over 40 years.  With every job-related move, I dreaded the search for a new therapist.  After arriving in southern Maryland in 2008, and finding Trish, my search was over!  She is, by far, the best massage therapist I have ever experienced.  With Trish, I have come to realize the benefits of a skilled therapeutic massage executed by a true professional.  She is intuitive and often has a better understanding of what my body needs than I do.  Her healing hands have allowed my achy or tension-filled muscles to relax.  Every visit leaves me with a sense of gratitude for Trish's gifts.